Saturday, July 7, 2012

C is for...

Woo! Finished my first zine.

Since I have officially entered crazy-cat-ladydom, I felt compelled to create a book dedicated to cats. Also, it is an activity book because I think activities are cool and oh so fun. (who says they are just for kids! ) Every book has a unique, hand-coloured button on front. So many kinds of cats!

I'll post some sample illustrations later. Some of my favourites include a cat-icorn, gamer cat and a make-it-yourself papercraft kitten.

I REALLY like making these sorts of Activity illustrations, so will likely cook up another project like this soon. Maybe something with more Professor Layton-like puzzles.

It is available on etsy now. If you are a crazy cat lady like me, or just like stupid drawings of cats, check it out.