Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brave Ser Knight of the Ladies

This is Alistair (see it or not). In some part of the Brecilian forest. Because drawing trees seemed more romantic than some other Ferelden landscapes. Plus I am really digging drawing forests right now. Trees are pretty cool.

Now as much as a I have a huge crush on Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I am thinking I should do some non bioware game related art.

Plus I am itching to draw some STRONG female characters! ROAR.


Hollie said...

Mass effect eh? I like the drawing, but I don't follow with who he is on mass effect :(.

ami moore said...

Mmm. He's a warrior from Dragon Age.
Mass Effect is with the aliens.

I have a shining force II sketch waiting to be painted. you'll know who those guys are. ;)